The most complete Faceyoga Bootcamp. Six weeks of progressive daily flows. Over 50 Exercises. For beginners and advanced alike. Every pose thorougly instructed. Tons of additional content.

Love Your Environment – Love Yourself!

The Mooisnuut way of living and training is gracefull. Joy, happiness, gratitude and respect – for ourselves and our environment. Because the thing we don’t like about our reflection is that pitbull face of this dog-eat-dog society. You can simply train your face, or make it a life-changing transformation.

Release. Rebuild. Relax – Repeat!

To alter the signs of history on your face it takes time not effort. With our well balanced training we make sure that every routine becomes a habit and takes you into the direction of a better self.

Your Face is Your History

Mooisnuut naturally focuses on giving your face back it’s natural beauty. But as we do so we take your whole life into acount. Everything you do and feel has an effect on your face. Everything is connected. Face and body, head to toes. Body and mind. emotions and face. Your experiences, your thoughts and actions and your overall apearance.