Beauty and style are very subjective matters and every face, body and personality is different! That’s why we tailor our 1on1’s strictly to the needs of our students. All concerns have different underlying matters and need to be addressed with different advice and exercise.

Who should book a private lesson?

Anyone who wants to have exclusive time with Dr. Maike and benefit from her experience regarding a specific area of concern.

A completed course is not mandatory to book a 1on1 session. But if you already did a 1on1 will give you the extra 20 percent. And for those of you who seriously lack time can get to the point(s) with a couple of 1on1’s. Yes it’s absolutely fine and beneficial to go for more private lessons, because faces and skills advance with time practising Face-yoga. And so does the clients awareness and motivation to aim for more.

Private Lessons are for beginners and advanced students alike, because it’s absolutely individual.

You to get a totally specialised set of exercises and advices. As an upgrade you can even get it assembled as a recorded video flow. Taking a Mooisnuut Course is the obvious choice when starting out with Face-yoga. You get a good introduction to Face-yoga and, depending on the course you chose, a good overall or more focused training. Mooisnuut Workshops address different topics each time they take place. We usually focus on questions that cumulate during 1on1’s and on our help desk.

Models, actors, public speakers in short professionals who have to perform either on stage, in public or in front of a camera, take special interest in private lessons. Being part of their profession having a winning smile, radiating confidence, or acting out a convincing sad look is essential. As addition to acting classes a personalised Mooisnuut Face-yoga Program can do miracles to expression skills.

The Mooisnuut Booking System is fully automated. You get disclaimer and questionnaire documents after purchasing a 1on1 and choosing a date. You can access your zoom link from within your user account. Date and time are presented as link and QR code to use within your favorite calendar application. Your session can be either in Deutsch or English. If you have questions please use the contact infos shown at the bottom.

FaceYoga BASICs

Everything you need to get started with Face-Yoga the right way!
  • Anamnesis
  • Warmup & Corrective Exercises
    for 1 Area of Concern
  • Tailored FaceYoga-Flow
  • Supervised Training


Face-Yoga Basics plus Skincare & Nutrition Analysis and recommendations.
  • FaceYoga BASIC Features
  • plus Skincare
  • plus Nutrition


All from Face-Yoga GLOW plus Lifestyle & Habits checkup and coaching.
  • FaceYoga GLOW Features
  • plus Lifestyle
  • plus Habits

Advanced Options – Price Table

The following options are recommended if you want to go into detail on certain subjects. We recommend these to advanced Mooisnuut clients only.

  • Advanced Full-Body Corrective Exercises 60 Minutes / €260

    We will work on the correction of disbalanced, underdeveloped or overacting muscles. As well as on shortened tendons. To correct bodyposture, improve symmetry and sometimes even ease discomfort. Because everything is connected corrective exercise basics are included in all of our sessions. The advanced session really takes it to the next level.

  • Advanced Lifestyle & Habits 60 Minutes / €260

    In this advanced session we will work not so much on the things you can work on but on those you should rather let go. The most advanced of all exercises there are, and yet one of the most important lessons Maike will ever teach. Again: everything is connected. Not only day to day physiological habits but habits of the mind as well have tremendous impact on body language, posture, facial expressions and deeply ground in patterns of expression lines on our faces.

  • Advanced Skincare, Nutrition & Anti Aging 60 Minutes / €260

    Because beauty and health is, after all, a holistic issue we take the whole business starting from the skin step by step down to the cellular level. With every step adding layer by layer of scientifically backed knowledge to equip you with the perfect toolkit. Starting by how to slow down the ageing of your skin, ideally nurture your body and finally revitalize your cells and protect them from oxidative stress.

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