This article deals with the basic concept of Face Yoga and gives an overview on what we consider the most important key facts. Redundancies are absolutely intentional.

Mooisnuut Face Yoga?

Mooisnuut Face-Yoga is a holistic, self-effective way to regain a youthful appearance including not only exercises but nutrition, skincare, habits and mindset as well. It’s a healthy alternative to botox and plastic surgery! Face-Yoga wakes up underdeveloped facial muscles to lift up droopy and sagging facial features – you can even plump up thinning upper lips or reduce eyebags. Mooisnuut Face-Yoga relaxes overactive facial parts, which reduces (sometimes even removes) wrinkles and facial lines. This all – again – is healthy and results in a more symmetrical, attractive and youthful body and face.

About Skin & Age

The skin is our largest organ. Medicine counts seven distinct layers with a wide range of functions. Our skin contains sweat and oil glands, nerve endings, blood vessels, the skin lymphatic system, hair follicles, etc. It can tell us a lot about our health and biological age, the hydration of our body, how well our internal organs work and about our gut functions.

Our skin starts to age early, long before we usually see it, but measure on a cellular and hormonal level. It begins in our mid-twenties. That’s approximately the time when the skin starts to slow down it’s collagen and elastin production, which will result in thinning skin, lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and dullness of complexion. Skin cell turnover slows down considerably, resulting in dull, thick and rough skin. All of this is usually not noticeable until we’re in our thirties and forties.

By practising Mooisnuut-Face-Yoga – better sooner than later – our skin gets the support it needs to gain vital momentum again. Directly trough skincare and massage. Indirectly through Face Yoga exercises that train the underlying muscles which in return stimulate bloodflow, nurture and drain the connected skin tissue.

About Facemuscles

Everyone has got about fifty. Plus, minus. If you count the upper lid muscles and the platysma too. Exercised muscles improve blood flow and therefore nutrient and oxygen supply. Effective lymphatic drainage is linked to muscle movement too. Even on the hormonal level muscles have a considerable impact – both ways. From a Face-Yoga point of view we consider face muscles either working correctly, overworking or inactive. Only if they work and are used in their designated way they can contribute to a healthy body and appearance. Mooisnuut Face Yoga teaches exactly that.

Your Face is your History

Sounds a bit esotheric? Not at all. Just like the skin, your face in it’s entirety reflects your emotional and physical journey through life so far. Every line, every wrinkle, every asymmetry tells us a story, carved into our faces over the years by faithful repetition. Funfact: even the language you speak has an impact on your facial features. Here at Mooisnuut we can help you gain insight into your habits. With this so-called awareness training, in addition to actual Face-Yoga, you get another great tool to counteract.

What about Botox, Fillers and Surgery?

You can get some astonishing results with medical procedures. Botox makes lines and wrinkles vanish. Fillers upholster sunken in areas. And surgery can do miracles to the whole face structure. You can literally buy yourself a new face from the catalogue. The thing about those methods, the easy and plain difference to Face-Yoga, and why I would never recommend them in the first place is: All of them are passive and render you helpless and dependent. And you can usually spot them at first sight.

People might argue that Face-Yoga is exhausting and so much effort. The thing that gets overlooked is that surgery and co. are hardly ever a one stop solution. The effect of Botox wears off after a few months. Fillers are actually implants and can start moving. And surgery is … well it‘s surgery, with all it‘s risks. Apart from that I consider those methods as make-up. Just like common lipstick, eyeliner and super tailored clothing they all conceal aspects of our selves that we are actually ashamed of and want to hide away. Underneath we are as unhealthy, lazy, love-handled and puffy as ever. I say: “If you ever think about going down the path of self improvement the best goal to aim for is looking good naked. Inside and out!“

What about Creams and Lotions?

I love creams and lotions, they are my secret magic potions. And like every other self-respecting fairy I mix them on my own, and have long ago abandoned all the latest shit they try to sell us at the drugstore. Sure there are some natural cosmetic brands that are alright. But by and large I am totally D.I.Y.

Apart from the totally insane price tags they put on all their tiny fancy jars and pots – I don‘t like their ingredients. They usually are useless, homoeopathically underdosed or righteous toxic. But the most important thing, the best kept secret about skincare is the following: it is applied totally wrong two times out of three. Yes, a lot of substances you put on your skin you should rather put into your mouth and swallow. Crazy isn‘t it? Most of the expensive beauty products never actually reach their place of action. Our skin has to be thought of as a high-tech multifunctional barrier, which is nurtured and maintained by the rest of our body. It‘s main function is to keep inside and outside separated from each other. Sure, keeping the visible skin moisturised and smooth is one part of skincare. The rest of the skin can only be cared for from the inside.

Results to Expect

Depending on your skin status, the depth of your lines, your commitment to Mooisnuut-Face-Yoga i.e. doing the exercises regularly, adapting your facial habits and to which degree you abide to our nutrition and skincare recommendations your results will definitely vary. But Mooisnuut-Face-Yoga works for everybody! First results will usually start to show after 2 – 4 weeks. Sometimes even after a couple of days!