Contrary to makeup, Botox and surgical treatments, Mooisnuut trains awareness, selfcare and love. The power of Mooisnuut­-FaceYoga comes from within. And it really makes you stronger!

Science Based!

We like to go for hard facts rather than hearsay. Our Muscle training, nutrition, skincare and empowerement trainings are based on research. Funfact: You can even measure the power of love –even though it stays a curious thing.

Pro Aging!

The concept of modern day beauty is deceiving. The concept of health is not! When we start to seriously take care of ourselves and our faces, age becomes just a number. Health becomes the driving force of our beauty and overall appearance.

Worüber die meisten meiner Kundinnen klagen

Trends und Geschmäcker ändern sich immer wieder. Doch der Wunsch schön zu sein begleitet uns Frauen schon seit der Steinzeit. Und auch die Sorgen die uns umtreiben haben eine lange Tradition.

Courses and Lessons

Hast du genug von leeren Versprechungen, und möchtest eine klar strukturierte Lösung für all diese Probleme, die funktioniert und die du eigenständig umsetzen kannst? Dann bist du bei mir genau richtig.



Du bist frustriert weil deine Fältchen langsam immer tiefer werden? Dein Gesicht sieht müde und abgespannt aus? Du hast das Gefühl deine besten Jahre sind vorbei?

Wenn du dich alleingelassen fühlst mit diesem Problem und glaubst deine besten Jahre sind vorbei, dann habe ich eine gute Nachricht für dich: Forever20Mom ist die Lösung für dich!

Forever 20-Mom ist alles was du brauchst um dein gutes Aussehen wieder herzustellen und dich großartig zu fühlen.




In the next Zoom workshop on the 11th of April, 17:00 MEZ (UTC +1) we’ll be adressing the most basic issues. Number of participants is limited. So be sure to book your seat soon enough.





Take video lessons with Maike in person. For special concerns and/or taking your FaceYoga to the next level. For everyone, models, actors and public speakers.

Du willst wieder schön sein und dich wohl in deiner Haut fühlen?

All of the Mooisnuut courses and lessons help you to a healthier and more attractive appearance. Starting with the face, Mooisnuut takes your whole body and even your lifestyle into account. In addition to Face-Yoga-Flows you get nutrition recommendations, body workouts, D.i.Y. skincare and awareness training on habits and mindset.

Work in Progress

Ein Vorher-Nachher von Dr. Maike, 12 Monate Unterschied.Augen sind offener, Schlupflider reduziert. Wangen definierter, Hals gestrafft. Der gesamte Teint hat mehr Glow, Gesicht sammetrischer. Dr. Maike hat aber auch vorher schon fleissig Face Yoga trainiert, sie bezeichnet sich als ständigen "Work in Progress".

Happy Face Again

I loved doing FaceYoga with Dr. Maike. I got 1on1 coaching and received a full program adressing my main issue: sagging, sad looking face. I didn't care about wrinkles, I wanted to look cheerfull as I wanted to meet new people.

Significant Neck-Lift

I wanted to reduce my double chin. Dr. Maike helped me define my neck and jawline. After 6 weeks a friend of mine asked me if I had a face lift. I said Yes! Thank you, Maike!

I look 5 Years Younger

I was very unhappy with my sagging neck and face line. I got a specialised program with lots of acupressure and muscle toning exercises. I reduced so much puffiness! My face looks slimmer and younger. So glad!

Completely Facelifted

I am still working with Dr. Maike, as of March 2022. Up until now I was able to reduce my nasolabial lines, the lines under my eyes and arround my mouth. I 've developed an even and much healthier skin tone as well. Before I started working with Maike, I did beauty accupuncture on a regular basis, but Dr. Maike's approach is way more efficient. I am so glad. I will send more pictures along my face yoga journey!

Forehead Lift

I really hated my forehead lines and was searching for an alternative to Botox. Maike's face-training is awesome. And she gave me some great skin care advice too! Now I save a lot of money because I dont buy this super expensive face cream any more but go for a simple and effective alternative she taught me to make myself. Thanx!

Fountain of Youth

After 4 weeks, I had reduced nasolabial lines and crows feet. My son said he was afraid that I might look younger than him some day in the near future. Thank you Maike! I will definitly come back for more!

Another lifted Forehead

With Dr. Maikes help I was able to get rid of my stubborn forehead lines. I'm so glad I didn't have to go for Botox, because I don't want to be dependent on continuous treatments, but rather feel the self-efficacy. I do my exercises frequently, whenever there's a spare minute. And I love it.